How To Play Leeds Football Fans Auctions?

Fun Fan Friendly Leeds Football Fans Auctions. Find Out How To Play & Win Leeds United Hostpitality Tickets, Signed Shirts & More For A Few Pounds And Pence. Secure The Lowest Unique Bid With Smart Low Penny Bids To Win The Auction.

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  • Printer
    Label sold for £0.16
  • Scooter
    Label sold for £10.06
  • Ipad
    Label sold for £5.16
  • Playstation
    Label sold for £67.01
  • Ipod
    Label sold for £1.05
  • Beauty Products
    Label sold for £0.68
  • Handbags
    Label sold for £1.08
  • Wine
    Label sold for £0.21
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    Label sold for £3.34

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he aim in our Leeds United Auctions is to submit the lowest unique bid. The lowest unique bid value is when no other member has submitted the same bid value and it is the lowest value of all unique bid values submitted.

For an illustration how lowest unique auction works please see example below: 7 Bidders but there can only be 1 lowest unique bidder.

Top Tip: If you have a unique bid simply bid on all the values below your unique bid to be come the LOWEST UNIQUE BIDDER

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  • Winner Star
    Electric Toothbrush Toothbrush
    Label sold for £0.46
  • Winner Star
    £25 Argos Gift Card Argos Gift
    Label sold for £1.88
  • Winner Star
    DAB Radio Radio
    Label sold for £0.15
  • Winner Star
    Kindle Fire HD Kindle Fire
    Label sold for £2.23

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The auction screen explained

What you can see on each auction & why

Auction Screen

How to place a bid

Log in and follow the instructions below

Auction Screen
  • 1
  • Select the auction you would like to bid on. by clicking “BID NOW” (See previous explanation)

  • 2
  • On the individual auction page enter your unique bid where promted too. The digits will appear from the right hand side. So if you type 1 and then 2 this will equate to a 000.12P

  • 3
  • Click enter or “Submit your bid” button

  • 4
  • You will then be informed the status of your bid and whether it is:


Auction Screen
  • 5
  • You can view the status of your bids by going to your profile. Bid history tab.

Auction Screen
  • 6
  • At the end of the auction date if you are the lowest unique bidder you win the prize. It is that simple!!! Once the auction ends and if your username is displayed on the prize you are the winner!! Remember be smart and strategic with your bids. Try to achieve a range of unique bids and make sure yo monitor activity.

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